Welcome, Heartbeat!

We welcomed our first baby calf to the farm on January 14. We want to use artificial insemination to introduce Jersey genetics into our area to boost milk production.

Pastor Training

In 2020, we were able to continue training pastors and church leaders in our area using the curriculum developed by Bible Training Centre for Pastors. In August and September, we added two new classes. Our first class has completed Course 4, Preaching Biblical Messages and Pastoral Ministry. We will start working through Course 5, Biblical Doctrines, with Pastor Gary in February.

Solar Drying

We are currently experimenting with food preservation using solar drying. Our primary focus in 2020 was breadfruit. We hosted 5 trainings in 4 villages, inviting local patè vendors to learn about making flour from breadfruit. Using video, we introduced the breadfruit drying and flour making processes. Then the participants made chicken patès: one recipe using 100% white flour and one recipe using 50% white flour and 50% breadfruit flour. The benefit to using breadfruit flour is that it can...

Syntropic Forestry

We began experimenting with syntropic forestry in 2019. The goal is to use a wide variety of trees, strategically planted, to reforest, provide food, and provide income for families. We chose a ravine near the farm as the location for the forest. In 2020, reforesting was truly a mixed bag. We lost a lot of trees in the spring because of the drought. But once rain started falling in mid-summer, the remaining trees flourished. We were able to replant a lot of nurse and fruit trees. In the...